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 Information about the Deaf and deafness
  • CITI - Church Interpreter Training Institute is a Christian Ministry of Concordia Theological Seminary. Its aim is to train church interpreters committed to bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Deaf and hearing-impaired. It is open to active members of all Christian denominations who confess the Trinity.
  • DEAF MISSION - The story of LCMS deaf missions begins in the period following the American Civil War.
  • MILL NECK FAMILY OF ORGANIZATIONS - The Mill Neck Family of Organizations, serving the Deaf and hard of hearing worldwide.
  • BASIC AMERICAN SIGN TERMS - a few American Sign Language terms to help those of you who are trying to communicate with a person who signs, but does not hear. New word definitions are being added, and this will soon bring the total number of ASL terms to more than 1270! Also included is the basic alphabet and numbers 1-10.
  • HANDSPEAK - Information about the many types of signing as well as information on technique.
  • FINGERSPELLING - Finger-spelling quiz to test your reception.
  • Deaf C.A.N- Deaf advocacy group in Oakland County.
  • FAMILY HEALTH Reference to ASL - US Insurance Net
  • LISTENCLEAR Amereican Sign Language Resurce Guide
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