Frankenmuth Mission Festival

Each year Ephphatha hosts a Mission Festival in Frankenmuth for the deaf community.  The festival consists of outside worship at the St Lorenz, Frankenmuth Church Grove, followed by a BBQ  Lunch.  After lunch there is a special presentation.

This years Deaf Presentation speaker was Pastor Bill Knaack. Pastor Knaack and his wife, Diane have served as traveling missionaries for the Deaf since 1994.  They have 11 worship services in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota.  In the past they also had a worship services in Marquette, Rock, and Escanaba, Michigan.  They have a Deaf daughter, Jennifer, who lives in Austin Texas.   The topic for the mission festival will be:  ” Following Jesus; The Real Cost?”

This is a great opportunity which provides resources and community-building for those working with the Deaf.  The festival includes an outside interpreted worship at the St Lorenz, Frankenmuth Church Grove,  followed by a BBQ lunch and special deaf presentation.