Celebrating Chinese Year

The Deaf Celebrated Chinese New Year on February 23 at Trinity Lutheran in Traverse City, Michigan. The deaf church there has had deaf ministry for many years. They have hosted Chinese New Year parties and invited me to come this year. I have recently moved here to Michigan and met many new deaf people at the party. They were very warm and welcoming and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Pastor Dunseth came as well, bringing his wife with him. She helped a lot, with cleaning, cooking, and pretty much anything to do in the kitchen. The two main hosts welcomed us into their house for the night and showed us exceptional hospitality. They welcomed us with love and friendliness, they used their time, fed us, etc… They did so much. The word hospitality is more of a traditional thing. It sort of embodies how God welcomed us into his kingdom with ought any merit in us. They showed us this hospitality through their actions. When the food was ready, many people flocked to get it, and they all enjoyed it. Pastor Dunseth gave a presentation on Chinese New Year, Chinese culture, and the difference between Christian and worldly viewpoints on the prior two. The presentation helped the deaf people understand what the worldly view and what God’s kingdom profit us. How we are saved through Jesus Christ.

The people not only enjoyed the food, but also learned how to make spring rolls. The deaf people all enjoyed themselves but more importantly everyone learned something about God. The Chinese New Year party  was a wonderful opportunity to bring the gospel to the deaf community. I met a lot of new people and enjoyed building new relationships.  -  Diana Rice