Who We Are

Established by the Michigan District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and we are an official RSO of the LCMS as of June 4, 2014. The Society’s purpose is to establish outreach ministry to the Deaf and hard of hearing in the United States and Internationally.

Our Board

  • Rev. Brant A. Engel  –  President
  • Rev. Thomas W. Dunseth – Vice President
  • Rev. David Dodge – Secretary
  • Bill Storm – Treasurer
  • Rev. Robert Bennett
  • Rev. Steven Mahlburg
  • Rev. Steven Schumacher
  • Rev. Anthony Sikora
  • Rev. Tyler Walworth
  • George Vincent

Our Goals

  • To establish Lutheran congregations of Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
  • To establish education resources specifically suited for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
  • To encourage participation from LCMS congregations & service organizations for the outreach to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
  • To publish and distribute Deaf ministry resources, information, training and support.
  • To search, procure and administer fund raising in support of these purposes.