Michigan District Deaf Ministry

Michigan District Deaf Ministry got together 25 Deaf Lutherans and friends from around the state for a Deaf Christmas weekend December 10-12. It began at Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth with dinner and then evening prayer at St Lorenz Lutheran school chapel.

Trinity Lutheran Church in Traverse City welcomed all of us to join their Deaf members for Sunday service and Bible Study. A great highlight was the Deaf Christmas wine tasting and food pairing hosted by Soul Squeeze Cellars and Good Friend Ministries at the Grey Hare Inn on Old Mission Peninsula. What a wonderful weekend full of Wine and the Word! What a great way to welcome the Christ Child who came to dwell among us as God our Savior!


Photos from the Event:

St Lorenz, Mission Festival 2021

Michigan District Lutherans have joined St Lorenz, Frankenmuth for their annual Mission Festival and outdoor worship for 19 years. This year was the most well attended. Nearly 50 Deaf Lutherans and friends came out for the event.

Each year Ephphatha hosts the Mission Festival in Frankenmuth for the deaf community.  The festival consists of outside worship at the St Lorenz, Frankenmuth Church Grove, followed by a BBQ  Lunch.  After lunch there is a special presentation. This is a great opportunity which provides resources and community-building for those working with the Deaf.


Photos from the Event:

  • This year was the most well attended. Nearly 50 Deaf Lutherans and friends came out for the event

Deaf Ministry at CTSFW Fort Wayne

ELMS supports Deaf Ministry at Concordia Theological Seminary

A student from the Deaf Ministry class at CTSFW interprets the Bible Reading for the morning chapel service. ELMS sends pastoral staff to CTSFW monthly to guide and instruct young men and women studying to become pastors and deaconesses. CTSFW has made Deaf Ministry a priority and has been educating its students since the mid 1980s to care for the Lord’s Deaf children in LCMS congregations throughout the United States and abroad.



Highlights from the Ethiopia Lutheran Deaf Mission

Despite the aggressive spread of the pandemic we are trying to meet with our Deaf Lutheran friends and pray together. In this picture are some of our Deaf leaders gathered for their annual thanksgiving program. We were greatly encouraged by the Word of God.

The Lord gave us a new vision to work on the Jesus film. Though this film was created many years ago it is not yet interpreted into our Ethiopian Sign language. My children are now involved in this translating work and we hope that in the coming two or three months it will be completed and our Deaf people will enjoy it.

More and more Deaf people are coming to learn about marriage issues. Some will marry very soon. This is our new year. People are smiling hope. We even started to go back to churches every Sunday. We never lose hope. We give thanks to our Lord Jesus.